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As we are moving into a new paradigm, there is a need for moving images that move people in a new way – films that invite people to live a more heartfelt and connected life. Films that stir the soul into a state of remembering who we REALLY are.

Voices from the Forest

This is a documentary about Gary Cook's search for the faery folk, following up on sightings and folk tales of the forest fairy folk of New Zealand.

We aim to establish whether these sightings are of a real race of people who live in the forest and have stayed hidden for many years or if they are interdimensional beings that are now showing themselves more and more especially in recent years.

Official Trailer VOICES FROM THE FOREST from Soul Destiny Productions & Art of Life Films on Vimeo.

Voices from the forest website:


Soul Destiny Productions covers different segments in the world of moving images:

  • TV-programs. Fiction drama TV series and documentaries.

  • Producing videos for people and organisations to enhance the message they want to convey and share with the world.

In short, we are focusing on both film and video, both low budget and bigger budget.